Nail Services

Grand Spa Manicure: $28
  • Relaxing treatment for hands and nails
  • Special cuticle care
  • Soothing hand massage
  • Setting the stage for your choice of polish
  • Beautiful polish finish
  • Approximately 25 minutes


Grand Spa Pedicure: $48
  • Relaxing pedicure
  • Hydrotherapy foot soak
  • Special cuticle care
  • Exfoliation and soothing lower leg massage
  • Preparing skin for your long-lasting polish finish
  • Approximately 45 minutes


Seasonal Spa Manicure: $38
  • Warm soak and exfoliation
  • Warm towel wrap, leads to an energizing hand and arm massage
  • Aromatherapy lotion or oils
  • Beautiful polish finish
  • Approximately 35 minutes


Seasonal Spa Pedicure: $58
  • Indulge in a recipe for relaxation
  • Warm soak and exfoliation
  • Refreshing mask wrap with warm towels
  • Lower leg and foot massage with the latest aromatherapy lotion or oils
  • Beautiful polish finish
  • Approximately 55 minutes


Ultimate Spa Manicure: $50
  • Exfoliation and refreshing mask
  • Extended hand and arm massage relieves stress and increases circulation
  • Heavenly mask leaves hands hydrated
  • Beautiful polish finish
  • Approximately 60 minutes


Ultimate Spa Pedicure: $85
  • Hydrating pedicure with exfoliation
  • Heat therapy treatment
  • Refreshing mask
  • Extended massage for feet and lower legs to relieve stress and increase circulation
  • Beautiful polish finish
  • Approximately 70 minutes


Shellac/OPI Gel Manicure: $50
  • Shellac/OPI Gel Manicure
  • Nails won’t chip for about two weeks
  • Fast drying time
  • Approximately 45 minutes


NexGen: $ 60

NexGen treatment offers a natural looking, healthier option for your nails. You can pick out a color, and your technician will locate the powder’s jar and polish it onto your nails. This, along with the topcoat, will leave you with a refined yet shiny finish. Your nails are free to naturally grow, and they will hold their shine throughout the remainder of their life.  Plus, they are brushed with Calcium and Vitamin E, so they will get some extra nutrition.