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Whether for pampering, rejuvenating or a therapeutic solution, massage therapy is a powerful, natural way to improve and enhance physical well-being. Make it a strategic ally in your healthcare regimen.

Unfortunately we are unable to make substitutions to our packages.

Therapeutic Massage/Deep Tissue: $125/$170/$225
  • Targets deeper muscles, layer by layer, to address muscle tension
  • Customized for your needs, using varying modalities and pressure
  • Approximately 50/80/110 minutes




Hot Stone Massage: $130/$170/ $230
  • Smooth hot stones massage and deeply relax the body
  • Creates an energy exchange between stones and body tensions
  • Approximately 50/80/110 minutes




Aromatherapy Massage: $125/$170/$225
  • Concentrated therapeutic essential oils enhance function of internal organs
  • Strengthens immune system and increases circulation
  • Approximately 50/80/110 minutes




Swedish Massage: $110/$155/$220
  • Optimal tension and stress relief relaxes, increases circulation and eases sore muscles
  • Approximately 50/80/110 minutes





Prenatal Massage: $130/$170
  • Custom pampering for mothers-to-be after the first trimester
  • Relieves aches caused by shifts in weight and center of gravity
  • Reduces swelling and enhances energy
  • Approximately 50/80 minutes



Couples Massage: $220/$320/$450
  • Pampering for two in an intimate suite
  • Select from massage styles
  • Pricing is based on Swedish Massage—other types priced accordingly
  • Consult Spa Coordinator for details
  • Approximately 50/80/110 minutes


Sports Massage with Localized Self-Heating Mud Treatment: $165/$210/$275
  • This service is designed to relieve muscle soreness and helps reduce lactic acid
  • Self-heating mud treatment applied to areas of concern enhances deep tissue manipulation
  • Approximately 60/80/110 minutes




AromaDrop Technique Treatment: $155/$200/$260
  • Combines aromatherapy and Tibetan Vita Flex techniques
  • Essential oils are sprinkled above the spine and massaged into back and feet
  • Brings the body into structural and electrical alignment
  • Essential oils can continue to realign the body for 5 to 7 days after treatment
  • Approximately 50/80/110 minutes


Hot Oil Scalp Massage: $60
  • High-performance ingredients and essential oils are slowly drizzled and massaged gently into the scalp and neck
  • Restoring balance and deeply hydrates the hair and scalp
  • Leaves hair shiny and healthy
  • Approximately 25 minutes