Body Scrubs. Body Wraps and Treatments. Slimming Treatments.

Minerals and vitamins from the sea, along with rich nutrients from botanicals and aromatherapy, combine for the ultimate wellness experience.

Please inform us about illness, injury, allergy, or contra indication in your health condition before booking body treatments to ensure our services don’t interfere with medical issues.

Body Scrubs

Sugar Butter Body Scrub: $90/$140
  • Full body exfoliation with natural sugar, shea butter and exotic fruits
  • Leaves skin feeling silky smooth
  • 50 minutes or 80 minutes





Sea Essentials Toning Scrub: $110/$160
  • A Cocktail of seaweed, oils and marine salt crystals
  • Exfoliates and remineralizes your skin, leaving it oxygenated
  • 50 minutes or 80 minutes




Seasonal Body Scrub: $90/$140
  • Full body exfoliation with a Farm House Fresh body scrub
  • Followed by an application of a hydrating body cream
  • 50 minutes or 80 minutes




Body Wraps and Treatments

Grand Spa Signature Treatment: $265
  • This multifaceted body treatment starts with stimulating face and scalp massage,
    continuing to massage abdomen, arms and legs
  • Relaxation spreads to your back, hands and feet with a vigorous scrub
  • The finishing touch is a massage with therapeutic oils to help bring structural
    and electrical balance for spinal vitality
  • Hot stones and self heating packs are applied throughout to provide energy
    exchange and to relieve sore muscles
  • Approximately 110 minutes
Well Being Detox Treatment: $225
  • Self-heating mud is applied to the back to relieve muscle soreness
    and start the detox process, during which foot reflexology is performed
  • The back is then exfoliated with seaweed and salt crystals, leaving the
    skin remineralized and oxygenated
  • Raindrop oils are sprinkled along the spine to bring the body back into structural
    alignment and boosting the immune system
  • This treatment is completed with Hot Stone therapy
  • Approximately 80 minutes
Seafoam Body Wrap: $200
  • Designed for tight muscles, joints, and tendons, an intensely
    active marine mud will soothe sore tissue while toxins are drawn from deep within
  • Leaves your body detoxified, remineralized, fully oxygenated
  • Awake from relaxation to a refreshing and rich body
    cream application, transforming you inside and out
  • Approximately 80 minutes
Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap: $175
  • Finely blended brown seaweeds are applied to the entire body,
    absorbing active elements with help from clay minerals
  • The soothing heat of a treatment blanket promotes perspiration and the elimination of toxins
  • Finished with a specialized formula of cooling moisturizers is applied to your newly purified, restored body
  • Approximately 80 minutes
Remineralizing Body Wrap : $165
  • Relaxation of the senses, revitalizing the body and moisturizing the skin
  • Ideal for an instant revitalization
  • Essential oils and trace minerals to balance the body whether in need of relaxation or invigoration
  • This treatment also balances and restores cellular function

60 minutes

Slimming Treatments

Sculpting Body Treatment: $195
  • Enjoy exceptionally rapid, visible results: up to 1 size smaller after a 5-treatment series!
  • Our exclusive self-heating Thermo-Reducing Clay Mask, rich in spirulina, is
    applied from hips to thighs to encourage breakdown and elimination of fat
  • After a cool shower to rinse, a contouring concentrate and reshaping serum are
    massaged onto the body with sculpting movements designed to smooth connective tissue, break up fat and drain toxins
  • Approximately 90 minutes
Romodele Firming Treatment: $170
  • This advanced body treatment firms the skin and restructures its tone, elasticity and youth
  • Recommended in a series of 6 or series of 12 for optimal results
  • Approximately 60 minutes